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A Fake god who Cannot Save

July 5, 2010

The Arminian says that Christ did not bear the sins of anybody but sin itself.

The Arminian excuses God by saying that those who are lost are those God couldn’t save.

The reason the Arminian judges God for “with-holding” the grace that could have saved the non-elect is not so much that the Arminian thinks that God “owes” any sinner something. Rather, the reason the Arminian accuses the true God in this way is that the Arminian has a fake god who cannot save anybody. The Arminian has a fake god who cannot cause the unwilling to will anything.

The Arminian says that love is without reason if love is not conditioned on the sinner accepting it.

Most Calvinists agree with Arminians that the important thing about faith is its source and not its object; they disagree about the source—the Arminian crediting man’s faith to receive the faith, the tolerant Calvinist crediting their mutual god as the source of the Arminian’s faith.

Most Calvinists agree that Arminians have a new nature from God: even though the Arminians have a hypothetical view of the atonement, the Calvinists agree that the Arminian’s new nature is not hypothetical.

Most Calvinists agree with Arminians that works are not prescriptive but descriptive of those with a new nature with a resulting changed life: even though they together acknowledge that these works are still sinful, they will not confess themselves as habitual sinners.

Most Calvinists agree with Arminians that faith results in salvation.
Though these Calvinists deny that faith results in the new birth, the same Calvinists agree that faith results in justification and that faith is credited as the righteousness. But any faith which results in justification is not the true faith which is the immediate result of
the justification of the ungodly.

God has a purpose for evil. God has a purpose for evil theology.

The new birth is not to be confused with God’s adoption of children. Galatians 4: 6—“And because you are sons, God has sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts, crying Abba Father.”

The “eternal life” of justification and adoption are not to be confused with the new birth. John 5:24-25 “As many as hear my word and believe in Him who sent me have eternal life. They do not come into judgment, but have passed from death to life.” However, there is no time gap between eternal life and the new birth produced by the hearing of the word of the gospel.