Stop Your Doing is NOT the Gospel

The new evangelical often has an either/or mindset. Either the fundamentalism we left, or what we are now. The truth is that there are many false gospels, many ways to be lost, and just because you have rejected one wrong way does not mean that you now believe the true gospel.

When one has abandoned the scoldings of “first legalism” (no wine or TV) for the moral pep talks of “ordinary attendance in a confessional community” preachers, one has only exchanged one form of moralism for another.

The evangelical who used to be a fundamentalist now often thinks that grace means that theological doctrine doesn’t matter when it comes to saved and lost.

In a “covenant of grace” where grace is conditional but not merited, it’s not helpful to judge individuals saved or lost based on their gospel doctrines.

Unless we tell all people without exception, without respect of persons, that God demands a perfect righteousness and that God provided this righteousness only for the elect, then we still have a man-centered legalistic cult. It may be a happier kind of cult. But it still is not submissive to God’s gospel.

But don’t I understand that “covenant of grace” people are given grace to meet the conditions? And in the PCA (as opposed to Reformed Baptist) set of conditions, it all begins with the Chuck Swindoll idea that God does not demand righteousness but only the faith to “not-perform”.“

“Start stopping your doing”

Where the old legalism said that it was saved because it out-performed others, the new legalism claims to have done it the right way now by not doing, and to have performed not-performing where others were still trying to perform. Very often in both cases the finished death for the elect of Jesus Christ is not even in the picture

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2 Comments on “Stop Your Doing is NOT the Gospel”

  1. markmcculley Says:

    you can exchange your suffering right now for glory
    turn off your monkey brain
    all you need to do us use your will to say
    “only use words if necessary”
    “only use thoughts if necessary”
    “don’t read books”
    “don’t ask questions about anything if you don’t already know the answers”
    “definitely don’t ask questions about stuff to which nobody knows the answers”
    skip the struggle
    don’t use words at all (me telling you doesn’t count as words)
    use your free (now that you are a Christian) will to allow the Holy Spirit to pray for you
    even the Holy Spirit does not use words
    so why should you use words?
    don’t groan
    Christians are not like other people and they don’t ever need to complain about anything

    For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not really suffering, if only you had rested in Christ more and more from the beginning

    No questions should ever be asked because God is always already present with us in the sacrament even in this age

    The only reason the creation is subjected to futility is because of you and your desires and your thinking.

    If you did not desire anything and if you did not think about anything, you could let go right no and be blessed already and without waiting.

    God always wills to save everybody and God always wills peace right now for everybody and the sins you waste time concerning yourself with don’t matter if you are imputed with God’s faith for you and God’s love for you

    Whatever happens to our bodies is of absolutely no consequence, because the real you is never under the dirt and who know maybe you even get a new parallel body up in heaven as soon as you let go and allow God to do that for you

    There is no reason for any Christian to ever be weak not only because we are already in Christ but also because of the second amendment

    sure the Holy Spirit inspired the words of the Bible but you can memorize words with your intellect but what’s really special about the Holy Spirit is about how I know Jesus rose again in my heart and lives quietly in my heart without using words

  2. Mark Mcculley Says:

    Much like Paul Washer, Contrad Murrel had a doctrine that rejected
    doctinral teaching “because it doesn’t put sinners in the dust enough”

    Conrad Murrel –“God raised him from the dead, and exalted Him as
    Lord…This is the gospel set before lost men by the early church…If we attempt to evangelize with lectures on theology, while viciously
    slapping at our Arminian brothers, we should not be surprised when we beget arrogant Calvinists rather than humble Christians..My heart must first be crushed, then enlarged with the awesome revelation that HE DIED FOR ME . INFORMATION on the scarcity of for whom else He died is not very impressive. I alone am responsible for His death. My sins caused him to die.

    Click to access 16-1%20Grace%20and%20Humility.pdf

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