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My Letter to Mouw about Wesley

October 15, 2013

It seems clear to me, Mr Mouw, that you don’t want to talk about the gospel or the difference between the gospel and your
“shelf-doctrines”. In other words, you either don’t know what the gospel is or don’t know if God needs the gospel to save a sinner, but you do know that the nature of Christ’s atonement is no part of that gospel.

You know that the stuff Dordt was talking about is not gospel. But you can’t say what the gospel is. Perhaps that’s the reason you look to the experience of Mormons rather than to their shape-shifting doctrines.

Even though I agree that we don’t have to talk about Wesley in order to talk about gospel, you don’t seem to want to talk about Wesley, even though you pointed us to Spurgeon talking about Wesley.. All you can do is act surprised that there are some crazy folks out here on the internet who would not fit within the boundaries of Fuller Seminary.

Sure we’re “Reformed” and all (born that way), but if you say the opposite of what Dordt says, there will be no refutation of errors or antithesis. It will merely say that the lies are “inadequate” versions of the same gospel we have.

John Wesley: “The doctrine of predestination is not of God, because it makes void the ordinance of God; and God is not divided against himself directly tends to destroy holiness which is the end of all the ordinances of God. This doctrine tends to destroy the comfort of religion, the happiness of Christianity… This uncomfortable doctrine directly tends to destroy our zeal for good works. … What would an infidel desire more? It overturns God’s justice, mercy, and truth; yea, it represents the most holy God as worse than the devil, as both more false, more cruel, and more unjust. … This is the
blasphemy clearly contained in the horrible decree of predestination! And here I fix my foot. (7:384)

Why didn’t Wesley simply say that Calvinism is “inadequate”?

Wesley: Q. 74. What is the direct antidote to Methodism, the doctrine of heart-holiness? A. Calvinism: All the devices of Satan, for these fifty years, have done far less toward stopping this work of God, than that single doctrine… Be diligent to prevent them, and to guard these tender minds against the predestinarian poison. (8:336)”