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Killed Because of His Doctrine

September 9, 2012

Doctrines as Reasons for Joy

there’s this person who did a work
and before you know if that work was for you,
you must know and agree with the doctrine
of what He did

if you don’t know what the person did,
you know neither the person
nor if that person
did anything for you

commitment to the imperative
to know the person cannot come
before we know the indicative
of what he got done

since we are children of Abraham
remember that Abraham knew what the seed had to do
Abraham knew that he himself was not going
to bring in the righteousness

one result of election
is submission to the doctrine of righteousness
obtained by Christ for the elect alone
and then imputed by God

the test of the exodus out of the false gospel
is not our testimony that
“we know the person”
the same one the crowd knows

we are not called to a tragic imperative
“to know the person” without knowing which person
the sheep don’t follow the wrong
person taught in the wrong doctrine

i still want to know,
how did a nice man like Jesus
get himself killed
if it was not the offense of his doctrine?

yes, it’s fact He died
but there are many possible options
to explain that fact,
and these doctrines divide

they hated His doctrine
so much they wanted Him dead
but that was a long time ago
and now the person is in all our hearts

and now there is so much more immorality
let’s worry about that
and not be so anxious about
Him being king of our doctrine

you say you merely gather
around a person
you give reasons
why your doctrines are not doctrines
and you thank your god you are not
like those doctrine persons

with great reasons
Jesus the person
faced the Father’s silence
with great tears

for this I was born
it’s the reason I came
to satisfy Our demand
for righteousness

that death because of
Christ’s doctrine
that there will be no justifying
which is not just

we have reasons for our joy
and these doctrines cause us to
judge by the gospel
Christ and Him crucified