No Five Points, No Gospel, But Sometimes Agreeing with the Five Points is Like False Circumcision

Arminian: “Is agreeing with five points of Calvinism a second work of grace? Will that decision add to the finished work of Christ?”

mark: Let me be the first to say that one can agree with the five points of Calvinism and still be lost. Let me say second that if you agree with any of the five Arminian points, then you still believe a false gospel. The true gospel stands in antithesis to all five points argued by the Arminians. You don’t need to know what Arminians are, but you do need to know the gospel which contradicts any idea that Jesus died for all sinners.

Let me give you an analogy: “uncircumcision is also nothing”. If you let yourself be circumcised, then you are under the curse of the law. How can Paul say that and then also say that “uncircumcision is nothing”?

Faith in the true gospel, necessary as it is, is not the basis of salvation. The death and resurrection of Christ alone is the only basis of salvation, and the reason it is necessary not to be circumcised (or believe in universal atonement) is that God’s gospel excludes the sinner (and her false circumcision or her false faith) from being the difference in salvation.

Some people read Gal 3 (not by works but by faith) and respond: I get it, so I will do it right from now on, using faith instead of works. But they still haven’t got it! They still think they are doing it.

Calvinists who think of their agreeing with the five points as the result of their study and hard work don’t really understand and believe what the gospel teaches about effectual calling. Some of these tolerant folks even deny that election, definite atonement, and effectual calling are part of the gospel. They just think of these truths as something which makes the gospel effective, and that many who believe the Bible don’t know about these things, and even deny these things.

The “like precious faith” of the elect is obtained as a result of the righteousness of Christ imputed (II Peter 1:1) and that faith knows that the cross alone (effective atonement) is true and that an universal extent contradicts the revealed intent and nature of Christ’s death.

But the reason the elect know that as the power of the gospel itself, and not because of their superior thinking ability.

I Cor 1:18 “for the message of the cross is nonsense to those who are
perishing, but IT (the message of the cross itself, not something extra
that makes the message work) IS the power of God.”

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2 Comments on “No Five Points, No Gospel, But Sometimes Agreeing with the Five Points is Like False Circumcision”

  1. David Bishop Says:

    The five points of Calvinism serve only to clarify and demonstrate the truth of the gospel’s central proposition – Jesus as a propitiation whose propitiation actually propitiates (satisfies God’s wrath) . To deny Calvinism’s five propositions is to deny the gospel’s central proposition. We may still have Jesus as a propitiation, but it’s a phony propitiation, because it doesn’t actually propitiate (satisfy God’s wrath).

    But that doesn’t mean the five points can’t themselves be turned into a false gospel, because if the gospel’s main proposition is denied, then it the five points are of no use. And what is one way of denying the gospel’s main proposition? By insisting it is my belief that helps (or causes) Christ to propitiate God’s wrath on my behalf.

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