Christ’s Death for His Covenant People PLUS MY NEW HEART?

Josh Moody writes: “Nobody comes along and says that you don’t need faith. They just say it’s not faith alone. But if it’s not faith alone, then it is faith plus law; and if it is by law, then it is no longer by promise; then it is no longer by faith. The message of faith and works is really a message of work; it is simply legalism” (p157, No other Gospel)

Let me say something different. Nobody comes along and says that Jesus didn’t need to die. They just leave out the word election. They say that Jesus died for everybody but that it doesn’t work unless the Spirit causes you to consent to it.

Some of them also say that, even if you are not elect and even if the Spirit doesn’t cause you to consent to it, Jesus loves you and died for you and offers to save you, but His death didn’t take away your guilt and it doesn’t work, because you didn’t have faith in it.

But if Jesus died for everybody, then it is that death PLUS your “getting a new heart” so that you want to “accept it”, and if the difference of the new covenant is your new heart, then the promise is not about Christ alone or His death alone; and if it is about your heart being changed (so that grace is not cheap and Jesus is Lord), then salvation is not by Christ’s death.

The message of His death plus your new heart is really at the end a message about your new heart.

And even if Arminians can’t agree with Calvinists about the heart being changed before faith, or about this heart change being purchased for the elect by Christ, then they can still all unite in faith that the Jesus who died for everybody and the Jesus who died only for those who are saved are one and the same Jesus.

Because in the end, it’s not the death that matters. It’s our new hearts and we can see the results of that in the way we live!

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3 Comments on “Christ’s Death for His Covenant People PLUS MY NEW HEART?”

  1. Eileen Beckett Says:

    Great thoughts!

  2. David Bishop Says:

    John Piper to a tee.

  3. DC Says:

    Well said.

    It’s really almost pointless for the Arminian to talk about the cross because that, on its own, makes no difference as to who does and doesn’t get saved (since it was for all sinners but not all sinners are saved). He outght to just tell people they need to follow Christ in order for to God forgive them. Ditto for the tolerant Calvinist. He may say the death is what makes the difference but by insisting it is not necessary to know about this death to be saved, why bother brining it up at all? Just say “Follow Jesus, then God will forgive your sins.”

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