You Cannot be Ignorant of the Gospel, and Still be Justified

If you die while ignorant of the true gospel, you will die believing a false gospel, and you will die in your sins. When the false gospel says that “Jesus took all our sins”, the words sound good. But the words are contradicted by his idea that you will die for the sin of not trusting (and that you will live if you don’t sin that sin). This false gospel is not only trusting in a different Jesus; it also is trusting in trusting.

Evangelism in the false gospel says that the death of Jesus becomes insufficient if you sin by not trusting in it. In this false gospel, the death of Jesus is not enough, is inadequate for the purpose of saving the ungodly from the sin of not trusting.

I know many “Reformed” folks who think that the problem here is only ignorance, and that it does not rise to the level of unbelief and rebellion. They explain the irony. When I say that those who believe the false gospel will die in their idolatry, they think I am agreeing with the false gospel that the sin for which a man will die is unbelief.

Two quick responses. One, according to John 3:17 and Romans 5:21, we are born already condemned in Adam. According to Romans 8:7-7, we are born unable to please God, unable to trust God. So we don’t have to wait to be guilty until we hear the gospel and then sin against it. Two, the Bible teaches that God gives the elect knowledge and trust in Christ “for the sake of Christ” (Phil 1:29) and “through the righteousness of God and of Jesus our Lord” (II Peter 1:1).

Jesus never died for anybody’s sin of dying in unbelief. Jesus never died for all sins. Jesus died only for the sins of the elect. The elect do not die in unbelief. Jesus did not die to take away the guilt of final unbelief by the elect. Jesus did die in order to give the Spirit to the elect so they will believe the true gospel and therefore not die as Arminians or as the tolerant “reformed”.

The false gospel contradicts itself. First, it says that Jesus died for all sins. Second, it says that final unbelief is a sin which will kill you.

Unlike most “Reformed” folks, I agree with the second statement. Final unbelief will kill you. Remember what I wrote already. First, we are born guilty, even if we never heard the gospel. Second, non-election is not God’s response to sins, because the elect are ordained to be sinners also. But, having said that (twice), I do agree that dying unbelief is a sin and that those who commit it will die the second death.

Romans 10:3-.”for they being ignorant of the righteousness of God, and seeking to establish their won righteousness, were not subject to the righteousness of God.”

You cannot be ignorant of the gospel and still be justified before God.. Neither can you at the same time believe in your own righteousness and also in God’s righteousness for salvation. This “doctrinal flaw” is not merely something God will scrape off you during your sanctification or at the judgment on resurrection day.

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One Comment on “You Cannot be Ignorant of the Gospel, and Still be Justified”

  1. markmcculley Says:

    Cunha’s book on Gaffin, p83—“Whatever is made of the fact that the new birth precedes faith, the Biblical definition of faith itself must not be altered in order to acommodate a notion that the forensic act of justification cannot be preceded….by the actual change produced within a man through the creative work of the new birth. To say that faith is merely an awareness of justification that has occurred prior to faith is to define faith in a way that is foreign to Scripture….

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