“Jesus suffered the penalty due our sins so that we do not have to.”

This is the false gospel I have been hearing all my life. All our lives we have been hearing Arminianism, and most people who profess to be Christians profess that what Jesus did (in death and resurrection) sets up a plan which makes it possible for you to give him your sins and then for Him to save you.

And this is the false gospel usually taught by “the young, restless and reformed.” They not only profess to have been justified because they believed the Arminian died-for-everybody gospel. They still teach that same Arminian gospel. Only now, these people believe not only Arminianism but also some Reformed extra stuff!

II Corinthians 5:15 does not teach that Christ died for our sins so that we don’t have to; it says that those for whom Christ died also died with him. That is substitution, and you cannot teach substitution without confusion unless you describe which sinners Christ died for.

If Christ died for every sinner but some of these sinners will perish, then that may be a substitution but it not a saving substitution. II Corinthians 5:15 does not use the word “elect”, but the only other way (besides unconditional election) to understand the identity of the “for” and the “with” is to teach an universalism in which every sinner has died to sin and will be justified.

I think most tolerant Calvinists would rather live as practical universalists then dare talk about election in connection with II Corinthians 5. But in their “gospel”, they avoid both universalism and election, by teaching the same old Arminian died-for-everybody lie. Now it’s supposedly up to the Holy Spirit (and you) what you will do with it.

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