Faith Alone Means Faith Without Works, by Francis Turretin

Turretin (chapter 8, p89): “Let the exclusives be examined and the thing will be clear–‘We conclude that a man is justified by faith without the deeds of the law’ (Rom 3:28); ‘not of works’ (Eph 2:8); ‘knowing that a man is NOT justified by works of the law but by the faith of Jesus Christ. (Gal 2:16)’. The particle is adversative (Matt 12:4; 24:36; Mark13:32; John 17:12; Rev 9:4; 21:27) from the opposition of faith and works, which displace each other.”

Saving grace is the grace which is undue the sinner.

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2 Comments on “Faith Alone Means Faith Without Works, by Francis Turretin”

  1. David Bishop Says:

    But just saying faith alone without works is not really saying anything at all. It offers no explanation of faith alone. Why doesn’t Paul say justified by grace? Why does he say justified by faith instead?

  2. markmcculley Says:

    Faith means “without works”. Faith and works is not faith. Yes, it’s shorthand, since the object of faith is the blood, the righteousness of Christ. But faith is opposed to all works, even our works supposedly enabled by grace.

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