God Saw the Tape Already, and That’s Why He Chose You?

M. R. DeHaan (Eternal Security, p12)—“If God knew that you would be lost, then why would He choose you in the first place? Why save you in the first place, if He knew that you would be lost?”

Harold Barker (Secure Forever, p117)—“If God knew that we would stop believing and thus lose our salvation, then why did God choose us?”

These old time Arminians think that the future is fixed and that God gets to see the tape of what will happen. After God sees what will happen (ie, if you will believe and keep believing), then God chooses those who will believe.

I hope all who read this know that this is not what the Bible means by “foreknowledge”. But my question now is: when God reacts to what man decides, what difference does God’s reaction make? Since the tape that God got to see was of a fixed future, how can that tape (that fixed and knowable future) be changed by God’s choice?

PS: Dehaan’s grandson is not an old time Arminian: he has a different false gospel. I heard it at Cypress Gardens: for the current DeHaan the cross is God’s apology to all of us for the world being so bad.

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3 Comments on “God Saw the Tape Already, and That’s Why He Chose You?”

  1. markmcculley Says:

    A father heard his small daughter saying over and over again: “Toyko, Toyko, Toyko”. He asked her what she was doing and she replied that she was praying.

    What kind of prayer is that?

    I had a test in school today and I was praying that God would make Toyko the capital of France?

    Many who think of themselves as Reformed act as Arminians in their preaching. They like how they say to people “God loves you if” than they like my lack of “evangelism”. So they call on sinners to be the imputers. Decide now, and when God plays the tape (which He did before the world began), then God will decide to love you, because you exercised the faith to appropriate what was done for you.

    But the question remains: in the tape that God saw, did Jesus die for everybody. Or did God change the tape so that God then transferred only the sins of the right deciders (with God’s help of course) to Jesus. Does this mean that the death of Jesus wasn’t in the original tape that God saw?

    Am I making fun of sacred things? Am I asking questions about things that have not been revealed and that we cannot know? No. I am making fun of rubbish and dung.

  2. markmcculley Says:

    God knows who will win the world series this year–is that because God decided who will win or is it because the nature of God is such that God has always already decided everything? But it’s more interesting for us to watch the game on replay without knowing that Adam will eat from the tree

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