How Does a Dead Man Race?

Hebrews 5: 10-11 The one who has entered God’s rest has also rested from his works as God did from his. Let us therefore strive to enter that rest…

Philippians 3:10 to share His sufferings, becoming like Him in His death…

If we were to ever become like Him
It would not have been us who did it
If we were to ever become dead
Christ would have killed us

If we were ever to become dead like Him
Then there would be no more confidence in the flesh
No more looking to our racing
We would become counters
Who count in a new different way

Pressing to not suspend our future
On a divine life in us
Now that we are dead
We count as flesh
What we used to count worship

If we were to ever become dead
We would have had it
Done to us
Death is the loss of all things

We would have lost making outcomes
Depend on God causing us to obey
It is God Who will have to keep us

If we were to ever get dead,
Christ’s death would be counted by God as our death
Our death would be His death our only hope

We do not hope for righteousness
We hope because of righteousness
We have passed from death to life
Now let’s see
If we can stand still.

Enemies of the cross
Say that Christ died for everybody
But that the good of the death
Stays conditioned on sinners not yet dead

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One Comment on “How Does a Dead Man Race?”

  1. markmcculley Says:

    ne blessing of salvation is glorification but we have not been glorified yet

    which is why I don’t say–Christians don’t fear physical death anymore

    it would be like saying—Christians don’t sin anymore

    let me be straight—it’s not just that I am still a sinner

    I still want to keep living, i still fear death

    now you can say—it’s sin for a Christian to fear death (it’s not a sin for a nonChristian to fear death? no matter–everything a nonChristian does is sin)

    so, doubt is sin, fear of death is sin

    but some say to me—i don’t doubt, i don’t fear death
    why do you?

    assuming that they are not lying, assuming that they are not self-righteous

    why do you to to the doctor?

    you can say you don’t want to live to be really old, but why do you even want to live the rest of the week?

    is it your holiness and piety that hates this world we live in, is that it?

    is your despair, lack of hope and faith/

    is it the content of your faith, not in this present kingdom but in the age to come?

    i fear death

    i fear the pain of dying

    i fear the idea of being dead until Jesus comes, on resurrection day

    and you can ask me-why? why do i sin? why do i doubt that I will even be raised?

    but after all your asking, your why questions don’t stop my fears

    the questions could only make me afraid because of my fear of death

    Christians do not fear death
    i fear death
    I am no Christians

    Job said to friends
    please keep on being silent, my friends

    I don’t like it when atheists try to take it easy on me
    as in “well I don’t want to offend you, I don’t want to shake your faith, since I know you need it”

    so condescending
    so maybe it’s better for people to keep asking me
    why do you fear death?
    why do you want to keep on living for a long time

    and spare me the “for my wife and others” bullshit

    Hebrews 2: 14 Now since the children have flesh and blood in common, Jesus also shared in these, in order that through His death He would destroy the one holding the power of death—that is, the Devil— 15 and free those who were held in slavery all their lives by the fear of death.

    I Corinthians 15: When this corruptible is clothed
    with incorruptibility,
    and this mortal is clothed
    with immortality,
    then the saying that is written will take place:
    Death has been swallowed up in victory.[o]
    55 Death, where is your victory?
    Death, where is your sting?[p]
    56 Now the sting of death is sin,
    and the power of sin is the law.
    57 But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory
    through our Lord Jesus Christ!

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