Self-righteous Lack of Repentence about being Arminian

Many pluralists think that they grew up legalists but now have outgrown legalism. Iin reality have only exchanged one form of legalism for another. Their new legalism is a “legalism against legalism”.

Living in reaction to their own past, they feel very SELF-RIGHTEOUS in regard to the ignorant folk who still think like they used to think. Thus they fail to see their own present ignorance. They have not even repented of their first version of legalism. They blame that legalism on those who taught them.

They claim to have been Christians even when they were Arminians. Thus they cannot see their present Arminianism.They are not yet submitted to the righteousness revealed in the gospel. In reaction to being legalists, they have now become pluralists who deny that any belief system of doctrines is necessary.

They fail to see that this reactionary idea is itself a system of doctrine. We don’t have rigid doctrine, they claim, but only searching together and community. But just wait to find out how their loving community will search with you if you say that there is only one gospel and that those who do not believe it are lost!

Before one talked about lost and saved, now one talks about individualism vs. living in community. Before one said that doctrine defined the person you believed in, now you have a doctrine about “community” which demands that all other doctrines be adjusted or sacrificed to fit that paradigm. Those who will not submit to be included or translated into this pluralist framework are consigned to the margins as people with whom nobody can search.

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